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Seminar in english » The Essence of Storytelling
The Essence of Storytelling, Christopher Vogler's The Essence of Storytelling Workshop
The Essence of Storytelling
(Les Outils de la Narration)
Version française
3 days in Paris

Paris Champs Elysées

Christopher Vogler's The Essence of Storytelling Seminar
The workshop is in english, with a simultaneous translation in french

From sources as varied as vaudeville, Russian tales, Greek comedies, fairy tales, and many films Christopher Vogler provides really efficient tools for storytelling and series of practical templates to conceive universal stories for all kinds of publics.

He relies on the exceptional work of the researcher and philosopher Joseph Campbell who, by studying the mythical heroes of the world highlights the common model of all the stories that have been passed down over time, from the most trivial to the classics of literature.

The mythical heroes, their story, their path, are source of universal structural elements. Their nature adjust to every culture, every time, every age and highlight emotions and motivations that everybody felt one day or an other : self-confidence, style, sex-appeal, anger, greed, power, revolt, revenge, murderous desire, patriotism, seduction, idealism, sacrifice, egotism, distress, love, jealousy, daring, ambition, possession, mourning which can explain the federative power on the audience.

Vogler's workshop will cover the essential story structure outline of the 12-stage Hero's Journey, the eight major archetypes of character, and strategies for deepening the audience's involvement in the story.

Christopher Vogler's workshop is based on The Hero's Journey, the path of a man or a woman, on the outside ordinary, who is going to be dragged away from his familiar world to face a problem, to take up a challenge or live an outstanding adventure.


"I teach sometimes, and always say that Chris Vogler is the first book that everyone's got to read."
- Darren Aronofsky, Oscar-nominated Writer/Director, Black Swan, The Wrestler, Requiem For A Dream

"A seven-page memo by Christopher Vogler is now the stuff of Hollywood legend. The idea of a 'mythic structure' has been quickly accepted by Hollywood, and Vogler's book graces the bookshelves of many studio heads."
- Los Angeles Times

"Full of insight and inspiration...for both the amateur and professional..."
- Richard D. Zanuck , Producer, Alice In Wonderland, Yes Man, Big Fish, The Book of Eli, Driving Miss Daisy (for which he received the Oscar)

"Vogler is about the stories we write, and perhaps more importantly, the stories we live. It is the most influential work I have yet encountered on the art, nature, and the very purpose of storytelling."
- Bruce Joel Rubin , Oscar-winning Screenwriter, The Time Traveler's Wife, Deep Impact, Ghost

"One of the most valuable tools in understanding and appreciating the structure of a plot that's available today. The Writer's Journey is an essential tool to any writer at any stage of their career"
- Debbie Macomber , Bestselling author with 42 million books in print

Interview with Christopher VOGLER :

Feedback from participants :

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Day 1

• Basic Story Structure based on Joseph Campbell's work on mythic heroes of the world.
• Nature, purpose and meaning of Story.
• How to connect with the emotions of the audience

The story is always the same : the hero leaves his ordinary world to venture into the unknown.
• The beginning of the Twelve Stages of the Hero's Journey.
1. Ordinary World
2. Call to Adventure
3. Refusal of the Call
4. Meeting with the Mentor
5. Crossing the Threshold
6. Tests, Allies, Enemies
Day 2
• The next 6 stages
7. The Approach
8. the Ordeal
9. the Reward
10. The Road Back
11. Resurrection
12. Return with the Elixir

• How to use The Hero's Journey in dramatic, comic, romantic, action stories.
• The impossible missions : Recognition, Sacrifice, Judgment, and final Denouement.
Day 3
• Concept of the Archetypes
• Meet the Archetypes of Hero, Mentor, Threshold Guardian, Shapeshifter, Shadow, Trickster, Herald, and Ally.
• How to use archetypes in modern and contemporary stories
> Essential psychology
> Function in the progression of the story
• How to touch the emotions of the audience.
• Strategies for deepening the audience's involvement in the story

Around that time, I started teaching at the UCLA Extension Writers’ Program and used “The Practical Guide” as a handout in my story analysis classes.  It grew with more examples and a section on the character archetypes that show up in almost every story, and eventually there was enough material for a book that became The Writer’s Journey: Mythic Structure for Screenwriters and Storytellers, published by Michael Wiese Productions in late 1993.

The book was picked up as a textbook for writing courses and opened a door for me to a world of lecturing and consulting, mostly in Europe where I participated in a number of programs to train makers of fiction films and documentaries.  In the States, I began traveling to writers’ conferences and learned that The Writer’s Journey was having an influence in publishing and was being used to shape thrillers, science fiction novels and stories in almost every genre. 

Meanwhile, I continued to work as a consultant to the major Hollywood studios and served for a few years as a development executive back at Fox for the Fox 2000 division, during the time we were making films as varied as COURAGE UNDER FIRE, VOLCANO, FIGHT CLUB, ANNA AND THE KING and THE THIN RED LINE.

On my own, in between studio jobs, I got involved in a couple of independent films, Steve Guttenberg’s adaptation of a play by James Kirkwood, P.S. YOUR CAT IS DEAD, and Helen Hunt’s directorial debut, THEN SHE FOUND ME.  I wrote the script for an animated film produced in Europe, JESTER TILL, about the beloved European folktale trickster Till Eulenspeigel, and the first installment of a Japanese-style manga called RAVENSKULL, a fantastic adventure inspired by Sir Walter Scott’s novel Ivanhoe.

Along the way, I refreshed The Writer’s Journey with new essays and examples, most recently producing a third edition with evocative illustrations and discussions of concepts like catharsis and polarity.

These days, I am associated with Paramount Pictures, advising on movie projects like THE SPIDERWICK CHRONICLES, THE SHOOTER and BEOWULF.  I have also been called in by filmmakers like Roland Emmerich and Darren Aronofsky to apply my story techniques to their projects, 10,000 B.C. and THE WRESTLER.  I was invited by Will Smith’s company to give notes on I AM LEGEND and HANCOCK.

The concepts of The Writer’s Journey have attracted the attention of major companies like Procter & Gamble and the Swarovski crystal company, where I have given presentations on using mythic story techniques to enhance the power of corporate branding. 

From the experience of my work as consultant on over 200 films et from The Writer's Journey's concepts I created in 2006 a 3 days masterclass to analyse the story structure outline of the 12-stage Hero's Journey and to give some very efficient tools to imagine universal story for all kind of public.

The Essence of Storytelling will take place to the movie theater

1 rue Balzac 75008 Paris - France
(corner Champs Elysées)

Subway : 1 - 2 -6
Bus : 22 - 30 - 31 - 52 - 73 - 92
Rer : A

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